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About Me

Kinjal Dave was born on 24 November 1999 in North Gujarat Kankreja District of Place Ranavada.At her maternal place Her main native place…..Her mother was a housewife and father was working in diamond Mill After 2 months from her birth they moved to Ahmadabad Her father was also engaged in singing so by admiring her daddy daughter also wanted to join the profession During her childhood days she performed at different places like school functions and caste gatherings.By the support of her father, motivation from people of Gujarat and because of blessings from Mataji Chehar she made her career in singing profession She started singing at 7 Then after her father’s friend Manubhai has wrote many songs and she started singing it in her tone and voice Nowadays she performs in Gujarat and at many places with her Kuddevi musical group Mostly she sings Garba, folk songs and religious songs..

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